Visit Holland top 10

Visit Holland top 10

What if I was a tourist in my own country? What would I visit, what places should I recomment foreigners tot visit getting a good impression of my country.
So my personal Top 10 would be:

Top 10

1. Amsterdam a must to visit. Nice buildings, canals, museums, pubs etc…


2. Zaanse Schans, a nice kind of open air museum with cute houses en a lot of windmills. The place is free to visit, you only pay a parking fee. A few houses are museum, like a the cacao museum and cheesemuseum and free to visit. For some houses or mills you pay a small fee to visit.

3. Beautiful Zeeland and the Delta Works After the flood disaster of 1953 Hollang planned infrastructural inproment to bann flooding forever. The planned huge dam- and barrierconstruction to protect to whole coastline. When you drive from the impressive harbours of Rotterdam into Zeeland, it will be a very nice daytrip. Good places to visit are: Neeltje Jans, Zierikzee, Veere and Middelburg. Of course is the whole coastline perfect for recreation.

The canals of Den Bosch

4. Den Bosch / ‘s-Hertogenbosch with it’s impressive St.Jan Cathedral.

5. Delft

National Park the Hoge Veluwe

6. The Hoge Veluwe National Park  and the Kröller Muller Museum with a lot of Van Gogh paintings.

7. Giethoorn

8. The Hague / Scheveningen

9. Maastricht

10. The Wadden-Islands in the north of the Netherlands. Watching seals and enjoy the sea.


Other really good places to visit


Other very nice cities to visit are

  • Alkmaar with the cheese marked
  • Leiden
  • Utrecht
  • Rotterdam with its the huge harbour
  • Roermond
  • Nijmegen.

Theme parks

What about the theme park The Efteling, one of the best in Europe.


When you like flowers and tulips, you will find them in spring in the area around Hoofddorp or in the famous park The Keukenhof in Lisse (I’ve never been there).


Another nice place to visit when you like windmills is Kinderdijk close to Rotterdam.

The North Sea

The whole coast line of the Northsea contains very nice wide white beaches, the sea can be rough it’s good for a swim in summertime.

Getting around

By car:
but be aware for the traffic jams, hight fines for speeding (trajectcontrol) and high parking costs in the cities.
By bike:
the best way and experience for short distances, rent a bike.
Public transport:
use the app from 9292. The public transport is great, not cheap. For tickets read this. For allround tickets Amsterdam read this.

Getting there

Common airports are

  • Schiphol, Amsterdam
  • Eindhoven Airport
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport

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