Lisbon in 48 hours

Lisbon in 48 hours

The next morning we wake up with something of a piece of wood in our heads. It was just too cozy in the Irish pub. I go to the breakfast room and grab a cup of coffee. If I have found these in a thermos but it freezing cold fortunately they easily solved my problem by putting the coffee in the microwave for a while … aaij!

Rua Nova de Carvalho

So the breakfast does not really mean that much, you better get something out of the door somewhere. The intention today was to first cross the Tagus and to behold from the Christo statue the imposing Bridge of the 25th of April, however, there was a strong cloud cover over the Tagus so that the bridge was not in its full glory to behold. So just switch. Then first the center and the district Alfama.

So we walk back towards the station and cross the curious pink painted Rua Nova de Carvalho. When we arrive at the station we follow the waterfront in an easterly direction until we reach the Praça do Comércio.


This square is of course one of the eye-catchers of Lisbon. The sun can not really break through if we want to fix the square between all tourists, merchants and dealers. A large statue of King Joseph I of Portugal, who refurbished the square after the earthquake, adorns the square. In 1974, the square was also the scene of the Carnation Revolution, and on 25 April the autocratic Estado Novo regime of Marcello Caetano was put to an end.

After visiting the square we walk towards Alfama and stop for a real cup of coffee at Cafe Pois. In Alfama we suddenly imagine ourselves in a village environment and yes, everywhere the laundry hangs everywhere and the streets are decorated with colorful garlands. Many facades are also equipped with traditional tiles. Very nice and cozy to carry around here. Below a small photo impression.

At the end we take some stairs up and arrive at the Portas do S0l. A square with a wonderful view over the lower parts of the city and the Tagus. The many old trams that pass here with a church in the background give an extra atmosphere to the square.

From the square you can go up via alleys, between ancient ruins towards the Arco do Castelo, a kind of city gate. The colorful grafity is quite admirable.

When we go through the gate we arrive in a kind of village with again picturesque buildings and finally the entrance to the Castello.

After paying the entrance fee we may enter the grounds of the old fortress. Beautiful is the view, impressive are the old trees and paving and very beautiful the Castello. You can walk over the walls along the battlements and enjoy the view.

The view over the city is beautiful here!

After this visit we walk back to the square, eat something and take tram 28 down. On the Praça da Figuerira we get out and walk through the center towards the Elevador de Santa Justa.

Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei

Again a nice discovery to bridge the difference in height between the city boroughs. Walk past the ruin of the Convento do Carmo to the Ruo Garrett and then left again down to the station. If you walk past the station, you will arrive at the ferry terminal. We buy a return ticket and without waiting too long the boat sails out to Cacilhas.

Once there, we immediately jump into the tram to get out of Almada again. From here we walk to the Santuário Nacional de Cristo Rei and the beautiful view of the Ponte 25 de Abril. The bridge, built in 1966, is 2277m long with a longest span of 1012m. The bridge is very similar to the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


Selfies maken bij Ponte 25 de Abril

After the many photos and selfies we hope that at least one succeeded, it starts to twilight and we take the bus to Cacilhas again. There hopping in the boat back to the city center which is completely wrapped in the Christmas spheres.

The day of yesterday begins today to take its toll. We are tired tired, it is already dark and after an hour’s break in the hotel room we look for a restaurant. This evening we do not close in the pub …