Iceland – The Laugavegur

When we wake up in the morning after a restless night, it’s still raining steadily. The wind was the worst. We are going to have breakfast in the sanitairbuilding and are thinking about how to proceed now. With the persistent rain and all the wet stuff we really can not go running and the remaining time to walk the entire route then runs out. We feel disapointed and decide to go back by bus Hella where we rent a hyter to dry everything. What now? Welcome to Iceland.

In Hella we put the heater on 10, and we hang out all wet stuff. We study the route map of the buses from Reykjavik Excursions and see that the next morning a bus heads up to the point of the Laugavegur where we should have been at that time; Alftavatn. If we can catch up the hike there then at least we can hike 2 parts of the beautiful hike..

Fortunately, the next morning the weather is better. We manage to catch the bus so we are “on route” again. The drive itself is a great experience. We follow the F210 called the Fjallabaksleið Syðri. Beautiful savage landscapes pass us by. We make a stop on the south flank of the Hekla where everything is black. The bus makes many river crossings in this lunar landscape and even follows parts of a river bed.

A kilometer or 5 before we descend to Alftavatn we make a stop at a beautiful panoramic point. What a view! Volcano tops, green mountains and glaciers on the horizon.


Arriving in Alftavatn we put the backpack and start the hike in the direction of Emstrur. The views are impressively beautiful. After a few kilometers and a river crossing we arrive in the beautifully situated Hvanngil. Here we have a short break. Then we cross a raging river by a bridge, but a bit further we have to expose with the legs. On sandals we cross the ice-cold water where the river is wide and therefore shallow. After this, the landscape becomes bare and the landscape changes into a large plain. The mountains and glaciers on the horizon are beautiful. Slowly after walking uphill we approach mountains again and we pass the beautiful Hattafell and after 16 km we suddenly see the Emstrur hut at the bottom of the mountain. Tired and satisfied we put up the tent.

I made a selection of the beautiful pics and put it in a slider.

In the evening we walk to the Markarfljót Canyon. At the bottom the wild river flows in the depth. Slowly, however, a cloud cover shifts over the mountain that turns us into a mysterious misty world. Using the GPS we find the way back to the tent via a small detour.



Video of day 2….