The Cévennes & Nîmes

In the south of France there is a mountainous region the Cévennes is surrounded by interesting villages, towns and gorges.

The Cévennes

is a wooded and mountainous area located in the southern part of the Central Massif between Alès and Millau. We stayed in a summer holiday in St. Jean du Gard at camping Mas de la Cam. It is a large and dessolate area with towns and villages at the entrences which you can visit. In the heart of the Cévennes you can not ignore the Mont Aigoual (1256+). Close to St. Jean du Gard are the stalactite caves of Trabuc. Of course the gorges are beautiful but less deep than the Ardèche.

On the north side is the Gorge du Tarn with the impressive burg of Millau. On the south side we visited the Le Vigan and the beautiful Cirque de Navacelles. The town of St. Guilhem de l’Hérault is also worth a visit. Closer to our campsite is the town of Anduze located on a narrowing of the river Gardon de l’Anduze. Anduze is a lively town, especially if it is market day and has the necessary supermarchés.


A nice and varied trip from this area is a visit to Nîmes. Nîmes is a city with many impressive Roman remains. Not only the Arena but also the Maison Carrée and the triomp arch are beautiful relics. One thing I find very interesting is the water system as the Romans have built this in Nîmes. From the north over 50km the water is transported to Nîmes by impressive buildings such as the Pont du Gard and channels. In the city the water was collected in a basin that supplied the springs, baths and fountains with water. The Les Jardins de la Fontaine with the Temple de Diana is definitely worth a visit.