Scandinavia roadtrip 2009

Travel report of our Scandinavian roadtrip 2009 visiting Dalarna, Romsdalen, Geiranger, Briksdal en Aurland.

Last year we had once again taken the Route du Soleil towards the Drôme to enjoy the sun and the water for 2 weeks. Nice and relaxed but it wasn’t completely satisfying not all that laziness. Beautiful mountains but too hot to climb. Nice villages and markets but too much of the same and … hot.



That is why we had already planned to go to Sweden / Norway again next year. Nice temperatures to make good walks. Also a bit to take away the feeling of our trip in 2007 that we had not seen everything.



And so it happend again; Scandinavia. No heavy traffic Route du Soleil this year but after a 600 km drive we toke a beer on the boat from Kiel to Göteborg.

Route Scandinavia 2009