Scandinavia Roadtrip 2007

Travelreport from our Scandinavia Roadtrip 2007 with Varmland, Lillehammer, Sognefjell, Hardangervidde, Oslo and Legoland.

In the summer of 2007 the trip once went completely the other way. Our summer holiday was always dominated by beautiful weather with a lot of swimming somewhere in the south of Europe, not this year. How could it be so … well holiday is vacation and actually starts when you drive away from home. But then, those overcrowded motorways to the south soon throw a spanner in the works. After all, holidays are not in the traffic jam at 35 degrees. And since we always have to go in high season, if you rent something also have a Saturday as arrival day, then the crowds are difficult to circumvent and you will have to close somewhere on the Route du Soleil in the traffic jam for the tollgates. If it is then also suffocating and stuffy, the Dutch are waging war on the parking lots of the supermarkets … keep going. So we already agreed in the Ardèche, next year it will be Sweden.


Solvern, Sognefjord

So then we start the reseach for what is the best way to get around. We have 2 small children so we won’t drive long distances. Moving every day is not fun for the little ones either. Many Dutch people book an organized round trip from cabin to cabin, usually with a stay of 3 or 4 days. To have a little more freedom, we have arranged things by ourselves.Scandinavie_2007_009

What particularly attracted us was the night boat. You drive 500 km to Kiel, pick up the boat, sleep well and the next morning you are in Gothenburg. The way back went from Oslo to Fredrikshavn, also at night. Super relaxed. It is not cheap but yes, you also pay no toll, fuel and immediately take an overnight stay with you. I even experience it as an attraction. It is very nice on the boat with the fresh sea air in your nose. There are also boats from Kiel to Oslo. So we booked the boat first. The earlier the cheaper. We quickly lost 450 euros for the whole family including outside cabin and breakfast. If you still bring a cart or caravan with you, you will lose more. We stay for about 18 days in Norway and Sweden and on the way back 2 more nights in Denmark for a visit to Legoland in Billund.


So this has become the route, enough to at least get a good impression of Scandinavia. The beauty is also that you build it in the roughness of nature. First a lot of forest and hills, then ever higher mountains and finally rugged fjords, the Hardangervidde and as desserts for the kids … Legoland. The Lofoten, Vesteralen and the North Cape we will not do to the kids. The “travel days” are a maximum of 300 km and by combining this with long stops at sights we hope to break the travel distance.