Hiking in Lapland

Hiking in Lapland: In August 2017 I went hiking in Swedish Lapland for a few days. I have walked the famous route Nikkaluokta – Abisko over 110 km. The film and travel report below shows a nice impression of my hike and travel to it.


For years I had a small map on my computer with that one spot in the far north: Abisko National Park, What I found fascinating about this now I do not know anymore. Probably it was something with the high north, far above the polar circle and wilderness. When I went a little further into it later I found out that the area has unprecedented multi-day hike / hiking opportunities. The Kungsleden, the Fjällraven Classic, the Padjelanta, Nordkalottleden and a lot of alternatives. There are plenty of busses that take hikers  to the startpoints (e.g. bus 92 and bus 93), there is a good train connection, an airport in Kiruna and even boat connections across various remote lakes.

Overview hikings possibilities Lapland

Overview hikings opportunities Lapland

Anyway, it finally took until 2017 before I put on the naughty shoes. Nobody was persuaded to come along and so I went alone. Tickets have been booked at Martinair and Scandinavien Airlines, freshened up my equipment, taken foodstock and went to Kiruna.

The track

Until day 2 I was still not sure which route I would walk. Whether the track Nikkaluokta – Vakkotavare (71km), perhaps the Vistavagge (89km) or yet the track Nikkaluokta – Kiruna (110km). Because the trip went smoothly, the connection with the busses were perfect and the weather was fine, I was able to make quite a few meters on day 1 so that I finally did the challenge for the 110km track Nikkoluokta – Abisko.

The track I did