Vienna by bike

Schloss Schönbrunn

It is Sunday morning and already the last day in Vienna. At 16h we fly back to Amsterdam so we have enough time to visit Schloss Schönbrunn. It is again a very sunny late summer day with 30 degrees, actually just too hot.

wenen_schon21We pack our suitcases and take the metro. We leave the subway at Schönbrunn station and together with a whole host of tourists we walk towards the castle. We have already pre-ordered digital tickets for the Imperial Tour along 22 rooms in the castle, where we had to give a visitor time; 10 hours.

I already saw the long lines ahead of me, like at the Anna Frank House and the Rijksmuseum in AMsterdam, so it seemed better to me. However, do not come at 9.50 am at the entrance because 10 o’clock is 10 o’clock. An additional benefit of the visit is, you are not allowed to take bags and suitcases and can deposit them for free. So we were pretty off, we picked them later, after the walk through the garden.

The Imperial Tour

Schloss Schönbrunn is still beautifully preserved. Many rooms are still fully furnished. You do not really understand that everything has been preserved after the fall of the Habsburg Empire. The office, beds, toilet, dining room and banquet hall etc .. Paintings and service, everything is still as if the family has just left. It looks beautiful. If you dive into the true story of Empress Elisabeth alias Sisi and you immerse yourself in the life of the hard-working Frans Josef with all his mistresses, you can draw your own conclusions about this golden cage. Read  more on Wikipedia.


De Schlossgarten

After our internal visit to the Schloss it is time to walk into the garden. These are really huge and freely accessible to everyone. Along the sculpture line we walk towards the Neptunes sources. A water feature with a beautiful fountain and sculpture party.

Behind this the park goes up towards Schloss Schönbrunn Gloriette. Above is a huge pond. After paying 3.50 euros you can go up the roof of the Gloriette and you still have the most beautiful view of Schönbrunn and the city.


It is hot so our walk is limited to the Gloriette and back. We hope to be able to visit the Apfelstrudelhow in Café Restaurant Residenz, but it had just begun. Then we just plop down on the terrace and order another big last apple strudel before we go to the airport …